Bad news about my aneurysm

If you’ve been following along with my blog, then you know about the discovery of my aneurysm and the complications during the surgery to fix it.

Well, I had another MRA done a couple weeks ago. The aneurysm has grown from 2.5 mm six months after the procedure to 6mm and has developed a second lobe.

Yesterday we saw the neurosurgeon. He has given me a week or so to think about it, but he wants to do another angiogram. That’s where he just went up to my leg to check out the situation. The difference is this time if it looks necessary, he will put more coils in at same time. He says it’s not unusual for an aneurysm of my kind (wide-mouth) to have to have more coils put in a second. He’s doing the angiogram because he says an MRA does not always show everything.

The angiogram only involves sedation, but if he has to put the coils in he will have to put me under. You know, putting something down my throat again! At least he knows what to expect this time.

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