Aneurysm Surgery Number Two


I’m happy to say I had my six month MRA on my brain aneurysm last week. Everything is normal. I go back in another six months to recheck it.


I had more coils inserted into the aneurysm on November 10. Everything went well and I was able to come home the next day. I’m feeling good, stronger and less painful than I expected. I did sleep more than usual, but that helps the body heal more easily. My hope is that this surgery has taken care of the problem and I don’t have to do it again!

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts you sent me. I appreciate every one of you!

Follow up on the last post

PS: I had my MRI last week. Everything is stable and looks good. I will have to schedule another MRI a year from now.

In my last post, I told you about discovering an aneurysm in my brain after falling and having to go to the emergency room. Much has happened since then, and I’ve been trying to digest it all. Here is the rest of the story.
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