Life is what you make it (A Short Story)


what path will you travelThe disease ravaged her body and lowered her self-esteem. Her nights were spent in the bar. The alcohol eased the pain and dulled her mind. The attention filled her heart and warmed her body. The truck drivers called her Margarita Girl—her drink of choice. The music vibrated through her like a siren’s song, enticing her to swing and sway. Stopping only long enough to take another drink, she danced through the night.

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain spoke to her soul…but hers were green. No matter, the story was the same. Two men loved her, two men begged for her hand. Two men broke her heart—that damned disease scaring them away.

She lived a wild life—lost weekends, hidden memories, only known to a few. She ached for love, finding none. Her life was in shatters.

“I must get free. I must flee this place.” A new outlook. A new attitude. She straightens up. Life is bright and her mind is clear. Saved from despair; healed and repaired. She changes course and…finds true love!

Remember life is what you make it.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, I’ve tried twice to post this and both times it was swept into cyberspace. Let’s hope the third time really is “a charm.” 🙂

I want to wish all my friends a happy and blessed Thanksgiving this week. If you don’t “officially” celebrate the day, I ask you, along with the ones who do, to stop a moment during the day and give thanks for all the good things in your life.

I’m grateful to you, my readers. Your comments and feedback encourage me to continue on this journey into my memories.

So, what are you thankful for?