Challenges with RA and Life


My left ear started to hurt on Sunday. I’ve had a lot of problems with my ears and nose in the past few years. I’m having trouble hearing and had a tube put into the left ear about two years ago. After leaving the office, I realized that my right ear had a loss of hearing too! It wasn’t too bad, so I didn’t go back to have it checked.

Throughout this time, my hearing has fluctuated from good to bad. My nose is almost always stuffy and it runs a lot. I get an injection of Enbrel once a week. This is a drug that suppresses the immune system. Therefore, I can easily catch or develop something.

I’ve been reading forums about RA and it seems like sinus problems are prevalent with people on Enbrel. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me if I did too.

RA is a devastating disease and the drugs to treat it can be harsh. Yet, I wouldn’t want to be without them. I went through that when I was first diagnosed. My joints are deformed, destroyed, or missing. My rheumatologist tells me that if we had more effective treatment forty years ago, it is quite probable my disease wouldn’t have been so destructive. I think about that sometimes. However, since there isn’t any way to change the current outcome, I don’t dwell on the thought too long.

We all have issues and challenges in our lives. No matter your situation it is your attitude towards those issues that makes the life you live. How are you handling your challenges? Facing them head-on or shrinking away? Are you grumpy and defeated, or happy and uplifted?

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