Chronic Illness Sucks!

I try to look at life in a positive way; putting a spin on it to show the good. However, sometimes I just have a lot of difficulty with it. Sometimes, I get down in the dumps and have to work to dig myself out. This is one of those times. Just a warning to you, this will not be a happy-go-lucky post. I’ve been feeling unmotivated, depressed, and really tired.

A little under two years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, another autoimmune disease. I call it Diagnosis 2015 🙂 What’s another challenge for my life? I AM STRONG AND WILL NOT BE STOPPED. (Am I convincing anyone?) Anyway, this disease involves my thyroid. My body is attacking it because it sees it as a foreign invader. Unfortunately, the thyroid controls a lot of systems in the body. Although I’ve been working diligently on managing it, I still have moments of depression, brain fog, and lethargy. That I can handle, sleeping late, or spending the day in bed, are not a problem for me. In fact, I kind of like it. However, not having a lot of strength to do things I would really like to do is very depressing.

For example, our family reunion is taking place next month in Nebraska, and I have to, once again, bow out of joining. The trip in itself would be pretty tiring, but the worst part would be the fatigue and pain I would feel for a few days after I came home. I would definitely enjoy myself while, but in the back of my head would be that niggling thought about how I’m going to feel once I get home. It’s very frustrating; I have turned down other get-togethers for this very reason.

I used to love traveling. One of my dreams was to have an RV and travel over the country. Right now that sounds rather tiring and this makes me sad.

However, I still have faith. I know that I can regain my strength. I will continue with my clean-choose healthier eating, meditation, and healthy lifestyle. Eventually, I’ll be writing a post completely the opposite of this. I know it!

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