Don’t lose heart

I wanted to write an upbeat, cheerful post this week. I hoped to bring you a positive story about how my life was easy and free flowing last week. However, I’d be lying. Over the last seven to ten days my body has been screaming for attention—not that it doesn’t get enough attention already; but it wants to be front and center. That is the nature of any chronic illness, and certainly rheumatoid arthritis. So, settle in and let me tell you about my week.

Last week I was lying in bed, I rolled over to get up and the front of my left leg on the thigh suddenly began to hurt. I thought it was a muscle cramp, so we applied BENGAY® and it eased up. Unfortunately, over the next few days, the pain returned, and spread down the leg. The pain is continuous, making itself known, whether I’m standing on the leg, or not—in other words, it is present during ‟weight-bearing” and not ‟weight-bearing” activities.

Worried, I called my orthopedic surgeon. Oh wait, I need a referral to see him. I thought I got one last week (I called and requested one as soon as it looked like more than a muscle cramp was the culprit.) Red tape…the referral was ‟pending.”

I had a ‟Wellness” appointment with my primary care doctor this morning, so he told me to have her order an x-ray, but he didn’t say what to x-ray. Uncertain what I needed, she decided to ‟push” the referral through instead. As I wrote this post, my orthopedic doctor called to set up an appointment. The good news, I get to see him on Thursday. The bad news, my appointment is at 9:45 in the morning! Anyone who knows me, possibly anyone suffering from a debilitating disease, knows that morning appointments are avoided like the plague. Dragging this protesting body out of the house that early is a challenge, but you do what you have to do if you want to stay ‟healthy.”

I’m so not looking forward to Thursday morning! However, knowing why my leg hurts will give me peace of mind. If you read this before that morning, pray the problem isn’t major. Send good thoughts my way if you’re not a prayer. I would appreciate the support.

Update: I saw my doctor on Thursday. After examining my leg, he had x-rays taken. Although the hip joint is loose, has been for awhile, the pictures don’t show any change from last time. He decided that perhaps it moved slightly when I turned in bed one night. I still have pain in the leg, but knowing it isn’t anything major gives me peace of mind.

Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts.




3 thoughts on “Don’t lose heart

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  2. I will DEFINITELY be praying for you, Ruth. I will also pray that the doctor is full of wisdom and can easily identify the problem and best course of action. Love you tons!

    • Thanks Bernadette. I’ll let everyone know what he says. My hip is starting to hurt, too. This could be from the leg or something in the hip…we’ll just have to wait and see.

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