Food as Medicine

I’ve had RA for over forty years and followed the doctors’ advice without question. Results… all major joints replaced, deformed hands and fused neck, GERD, IBS and who knows what else. I took every med available and felt fine. Now, I’m not saying things would be different if I hadn’t followed traditional medicines protocol, and I’m glad it kept me moving all these years. However, I’m tired of the risky side effects and symptoms the medicines carry with them.

In April I stopped my Enbrel…with my rheumatologist’s permission and am now trying a healthier diet. Six months later I’m feeling great and only needed an ibuprofen a few days in that time.

food as medicine quote by Hippocrates

Along the way, I’ve discovered that, contrary to what we’ve been told, what you eat does make a difference. Traditional doctors will tell that it doesn’t matter what you eat; I have noticed certain groups of foods, such as dairy, wheat, and sugar, cause my RA to flare. My fingers swell up, my knees begin to hurt and I experience overall body aches.

One day I was craving a candy bar, something I haven’t had for quite a while because I’m trying to cut out processed sugar, so I ate one. The next morning my hands were sore and swollen. The day before I ate it, my ring was constantly falling off, the next day it was way too tight.

Most processed foods are also something I’m trying to avoid, especially if I can’t pronounce some of the ingredients.

One such food is my favorite packaged instant mashed potatoes. One day, I was feeling good and was craving them, so I ate some. Unfortunately, within an hour of eating them, I was experiencing great pain. I knew the dairy in them was a problem, but I never reacted this badly when I ate them before. I decided to look at the ingredients. Turns out they had a lot more of the nasty unpronounceable ingredients than potatoes.

Because I’d been eating fairly clean lately (avoiding the “bad” foods) and feeling very good, I’m guessing the reaction was more severe than I normally have.
I have my good days and bad days, but overall feel much better. I’m not saying if you have an illness that you have to go natural, it’s a choice, one that I’m taking for now, tomorrow it may change.

I know this is a controversial protocol and expect some of you to have a different opinion on my new path. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Please leave me your comments below.

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