I have RA, but…

I have RA, but it does not have me. It is not my life. Yes, sometimes I grieve for the old life–the life before RA—but, I know I can’t change what life has thrown at me. I can however, learn to cope and focus on what I can do each day. Although, I have had to change the direction of my dreams and have to do some things differently, I keep on dreaming.

I believe, this disease makes me stronger. not physically, but spiritually, emotionally, and creatively. I’ve learned to adapt to a new “normal.” I’ve learned to focus on gratitude instead of “sad-i-tude.” I find joy, blessings, and things to be grateful for everyday.

I don’t know why God allows us to go through some of the things we go through. But I believe He uses us and our experiences to help other people. Our lives touch other peoples’ lives all the time, often we don’t realize how our actions impact others. There isn’t anyone on earth who doesn’t have some kind of dilemma, some challenge, or some heartbreak that throws them for a loop occasionally. Hopefully, we are helping them cope with their own struggles and challenges.

What are your challenges or struggles? How are you coping with them…or are you? I’d love to hear your story.

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