On my book, and a couple of questions

I am trying to become more focused and disciplined in my blogging and writing. My intentions are to have the memoir published by the end of May. Can I do it? I don’t know, I sure hope so. I’m discovering there is much to do before publishing a book. Its a long complicated process, but I push on., knowing that after I’ve done it once, the next time will be easier.

I’ve finished the development stage of three chapters and have about ten more to go. Each chapter has to be expanded and revised; I’m learning how to add more dialog and use less symmetrization. (It’s called ‟show, not tell.☺ )

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I have learned to cope with a chronic illness and am considering writing a short e-book on the subject. Do you have something you would like me to write about? Do you have questions about my RA, or perhaps you have a chronic disease and would be interested in learning some of my coping techniques. Having lived with RA for over forty years, I have some expertise in the matter and would love to answer your questions. Leave a comment and join in the discussion. I’d love to get a lot of feedback on my idea.

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