Introduction to my book (Diagnosed at Seventeen)

I have written the introduction to my book Diagnosed at Seventeen. 

I’m seventeen years old, enjoying my senior year of high school. I’m hanging out with my friends, going to football games, and having a good time. I like school, most of my classes anyway. Life is good. Suddenly I begin experiencing pain in my hands every morning. My fingers are stiff and swollen; they look like little, fat sausages. When I walk barefoot across the room, it feels like I’m stepping on sharp rocks. Constant pain puts a damper on my appetite and I begin to lose weight.

After a few weeks of the symptoms not going away, we make an appointment with my doctor. Her diagnosis—rheumatoid arthritis (RA)–a crippling disease that will change my life.

Living with rheumatoid arthritis, its struggles and challenges, has been a journey to test my faith. I went through times of anger, times of rebellion, times of frustration, and times of denial. This is the story of the ups and downs I experienced, not only in my health, but also in my faith.

Did you like it? Does it make you want to read the book? Leave me a comment below.

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