Memory Flashes

orange moving truck


It’s interesting how memories emerge when your focused on trying to remember past events. Like scraps of paper with snippets of scenes written on them. Not developed yet, but intriguing enough to invite further examination.

For example, I remember a trip I took with my brother, Rod, our friend Sandi, and her three boys. We all crammed into the cab of a U-Haul truck, the trailer filled with all our earthly belongings, and my cat. We were going from Portland, Oregon to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Rod drove straight through, day and night, stopping only to use the restroom. It wasn’t important that we make the trip so quickly, it just seemed like that was the way we traveled back then: get where you’re going and get there fast.

We all git a bit dingy, except the boys who were small enough to drape themselves over Sandi and my laps and fall asleep, Rod was so sleep-deprived that while driving through a desolate area during the dark of night, he swore he saw a naked man on the side of the road. Mind you, it was out in the middle of nowhere.

The boys were young and easily fooled. We told them we were taking them to an uncivilized area filled with Indians who lived in teepees. We insisted that there wasn’t any modern conveniences and that they were going to have to use an outhouse when they had to go to the bathroom. They believed us and talked about it the whole way.

The trip was long, the cab was crowded and we didn’t have any room to stretch our legs. When we finally arrived at our destination, we were store, stiff and tired. I’m sure I slept for 24 hours trying to recover.

Since I’m unsure of the time of this event, I’m not adding it to my book. However, I thought you might enjoy reading my other adventures. Stay tuned for more glimpses into my world, and of course, feel free to leave any comments below.



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