Two Interesting, and Fun, RA Blogs

One day, several months ago, I searched the internet for other blogs on the subject of living with rheumatoid arthritis. There were quite a few listed, however, I was looking for more personal blogs, written in a first person point of view. I wanted to feel like the writer was talking to me. I discovered two blogs that were entertaining as well as informative. I decided to share them with you here. (My friend Kelly MCcausey at SoloSmarts calls this “link love”)

Written by Kelly Young, empowers other RA sufferers in a lighthearted and inspiring manner. As one of those people, I find it easy to relate to her stories. This blog is entertaining enough that even if you don’t have RA you should enjoy reading it.

Kelly’s “About” page relates her journey of living daily with the challenges of RA. She mentions her faith in God and how through her words she strives to “inspire others to trust God for help and hope.”

Unfortunately, I can’t find an “About Me” page.All I know, from reading the comments sections, her name is Irma.  It would be nice to know more about her, she has a humorous, yet informative style. As it is now, the only way to get to know her is by reading past posts…and there are a lot of them!

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