Shots, Oh My!

Someone once told me that if you ask God for patience, you better be prepared for anything. I think that goes for everything you ask Him.

I don’t like shots, never have and never will. I have come close to blacking out from a shot in my foot once. Shots make me tense up, even so much that, in my earlier years with RA, I was prescribed the Gold Shots treatment. I got them every other week. Only three times though, because i developed a huge black and blue bruise at the injection site. Needless to say, the doctor changed my treatment to pills. In fact, I took many different kinds of pills over the years trying to bring my disease under control.

I’m telling you this because I’m currently Greg is giving me an Enbrel shot once a week for my RA. At first, I was nervous and tense, so was he (he doesn’t like to ‘hurt me’). However, after about three years, I getting used to them. Besides, I feel a lot better. 

I was wondering, do you do anything you would rather not, just because it makes you feel better? Leave your comment below.

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