Snowstorm (FEB 2014)

Harlo, it's too cold! snow covers everything


The last week has been unusually cold in Portland. Between Thursday February 8 and Sunday the 10th we received between 5 and 8 inches of snow and suffered through temperatures dipping into the teens. After the snowstorms we were blasted with some freezing rain that deposited 0.1 inch of ice on top of the white stuff.

So, you ask, why am I telling you this when I usually talk about my health on this blog. Well, I’m setting the stage for my own “pity party.” You see, when the weather is unbearably cold, my joints ache, my hands and feet seem to never get warm, and my mood drops. Oh, I try not to complain, but when Mother Nature spills her wrath on us for so long—I know, it only lasted five days, not like those in the East are experiencing—I get cranky. Even lighting up the fireplace didn’t help…I couldn’t get warm!

My poor puppy, Harlo, didn’t like it either. She didn’t want to go out there to do her potty stuff. Normally, she begs to go out several times during the day and at least once at night. However, she held it in until it was an absolute must do. She was so reluctant that one night Greg had to carry her out and dump her into the yard in order to get her job done.

The good news, we are out of the nasty stuff and getting rain. I can handle rain, it just makes you wet. My body isn’t aching like it was, my hands and feet feel good, and my mood is light. I’m happy.

How did you fair, or are still fairing, in the grip of winter’s grasp? I hope you are all beginning to see a warmer, more livable temperature where you live.

Oh, and thanks for attending my party. I’ll be happy to join yours if you invite me.

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