Are you confused yet?☺

A couple of posts ago I told you my book was finished and I wanted readers to preview it. Well, guess what; I’m not done writing!

I hired an editor who looked at it and suggested I expand on a few places. Yes, I know that’s what another editor said and I rejected her suggestion. However, this lady actually gave clear, sensible ideas and even pointed out where, and possibly what, to add.

Therefore…my book is still in the writing process. I promise next time to not “jump the gun” and tell you I’m finished before I’m actually done and ready to publish.

So, onward and upward. Keep reading and leaving comments. Your feedback keeps me encouraged.

Diagnosed at Seventeen (Finished ☺)

I know I posted recently that my book Diagnosed at Seventeen wasn’t going to be finished any time soon. However, I busted my butt these last three days and finished it…yay!

I’m now trying to recruit a couple of people to read the manuscript and give me feedback. My weaknesses are punctuation and grammar. My post on Facebook didn’t give any results. Any suggestions? I don’t think i need to hire a professional editor, but…

Introduction to my book (Diagnosed at Seventeen)

I have written the introduction to my book Diagnosed at Seventeen. 

I’m seventeen years old, enjoying my senior year of high school. I’m hanging out with my friends, going to football games, and having a good time. I like school, most of my classes anyway. Life is good. Suddenly I begin experiencing pain in my hands every morning. My fingers are stiff and swollen; they look like little, fat sausages. When I walk barefoot across the room, it feels like I’m stepping on sharp rocks. Constant pain puts a damper on my appetite and I begin to lose weight.

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Diagnosed at Seventeen – won’t be finished

If you have bought my e-book, Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Life-Changing Disease, on Amazon, then you know that I am writing another book and thought it would be done by the end of the year. Well, it looks like that’s not going to happen.

I contacted an editor to get an idea of what is involved in the editing process. She advised me to continue writing because my story is too short for a traditional print book. In fact she said I needed to double the number of words. Therefore, I’ve added a couple more sections. Continue reading

Two Interesting, and Fun, RA Blogs

One day, several months ago, I searched the internet for other blogs on the subject of living with rheumatoid arthritis. There were quite a few listed, however, I was looking for more personal blogs, written in a first person point of view. I wanted to feel like the writer was talking to me. I discovered two blogs that were entertaining as well as informative. I decided to share them with you here. (My friend Kelly MCcausey at SoloSmarts calls this “link love”)
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Shots, Oh My!

Someone once told me that if you ask God for patience, you better be prepared for anything. I think that goes for everything you ask Him.

I don’t like shots, never have and never will. I have come close to blacking out from a shot in my foot once. Shots make me tense up, even so much that, in my earlier years with RA, I was prescribed the Gold Shots treatment. I got them every other week. Only three times though, because i developed a huge black and blue bruise at the injection site. Needless to say, the doctor changed my treatment to pills. In fact, I took many different kinds of pills over the years trying to bring my disease under control.

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It was cold that day; snow and ice covered the ground. Mixed feelings of fear and excitement filled me as I walked the few blocks from the hotel to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Excitement because I was at the Mayo Clinic, a famous medical institution. Fear because I had an appointment with a specialist to discuss the possibility of surgery on my hands. A surgery that was to be the first of many to repair the destruction rheumatoid arthritis would do to my joints.
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