Metal and Plastic

picture of me

“I am the real bionic woman.” At least that’s what my family calls me. As a result of my rheumatoid arthritis, every major joint in my body, and a couple not so major, is now made up of metal and plastic. In fact, in 1982 four of them were replaced. The first two, my knees were done in January, 7 days apart. I tell everyone my many surgeries paid a large portion of the cost to build the hospital’s parking garage. And, as the years pass, I continue to pay for the maintenance costs.
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Good Record Keeping is Essential

I received a letter from the Social Security Administration in the mail today; it was  a “Disability Evaluation” form. They wanted to know if I was “still disabled.”

All I had to do was fill in the needed information and send it back Seems simple enough, right? Wrong! I needed to provide all my visits to clinics and hospitals, plus any surgeries I’ve had…since October 2011!
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