Shots, Oh My!

Someone once told me that if you ask God for patience, you better be prepared for anything. I think that goes for everything you ask Him.

I don’t like shots, never have and never will. I have come close to blacking out from a shot in my foot once. Shots make me tense up, even so much that, in my earlier years with RA, I was prescribed the Gold Shots treatment. I got them every other week. Only three times though, because i developed a huge black and blue bruise at the injection site. Needless to say, the doctor changed my treatment to pills. In fact, I took many different kinds of pills over the years trying to bring my disease under control.

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It was cold that day; snow and ice covered the ground. Mixed feelings of fear and excitement filled me as I walked the few blocks from the hotel to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Excitement because I was at the Mayo Clinic, a famous medical institution. Fear because I had an appointment with a specialist to discuss the possibility of surgery on my hands. A surgery that was to be the first of many to repair the destruction rheumatoid arthritis would do to my joints.
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