I’ve always been thrifty

I sat down last night to do some free writing. I didn’t have a specific subject in mind; I just knew it would be related to my life with RA. After some initial rambling, my theme focused in on money–more specifically my use of money.

I record every penny I get and spend. I’ve been doing this for years. I think it’s from living on a limited income for so long. Greg teases once in awhile about this habit.

In my writing last night, I began recounting the time I applied for federal disability income. When I was told I was eligible for the monthly benefit, I also found out I would get a lump sum retroactive to my diagnosis. I don’t remember the amount, but know it seemed large to me at the time.

During the weeks of waiting, every time I went to the store I found something I “just had to buy when my money came.” However, when I finally got my check, nothing was “good enough to spend my money on.” It was only after several days of urging that I bought something. I got an outfit of a pair of pants and matching knit shirt…the rest of the money went into the bank.

Even back then, I was careful with my money. I wouldn’t say I hoarded it, but I certainly knew where it went. And I didn’t buy many “wanted” items, they were primarily “needed” items.Nothing has changed in the forty years since that time.



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