Enbrel Stopped working?

RA is a despicable disease! One day you’re feeling okay, the next it knocks you on your butt. I went to my rheumatologist today for my regular check-up. Felt crappy and told her so.. After checking me out and discussing my problem, we decided that perhaps my Enbrel isn’t working anymore.

Enbrel is the shot I get every week to reduce my inflammation, pain and bone destruction that RA does to your body. I’ve been on it over four years. I’ve read that others don’t get relief that long, so I felt grateful I did.

Anyway, I am stopping the injection for about six weeks to see how I feel without it. If I begin to feel extremely painful while only taking ibuprofen, then we know the Enbrel is probably still effective and I’m just going through a rough spell.

I’m struggling with this. I don’t have to have a weekly shot for a while…yay! However, if the Enbrel needs to be stopped, I’ll have to take something else. I’ve been researching alternative drugs; they sound scary with the side effects they can have. I know Enbrel can have bad side effects, too, so that shouldn’t be such an issue.

Let’s face it, I don’t like change. I would really appreciate some “cheering up” comments from you. I feel the need for your support. Leave them in the comments below.

BTW: i added an update about my doctor’s visit to the last entry Don’t Lose heart.


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